Divorce from the Kids' Perspective

Divorce from the Kids' Perspective

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The Fractured Family Series

When families go through divorce, only one word truly describes the devastating effects on the children: FRACTURED. Whether the divorce is passive, “friendly,” or contentious, children can often take years to recover. And learning the critical skills to get through the divorce and be able to form healthy relationships can make the difference between happiness and hopelessness. In this lively and engaging program, experienced teacher, trainer, and family counselor Kelly P. Crossing explains the many issues children of all ages face before, during, and after divorce.


  • How to recognize some of the symptoms of children going through divorce.
  • How to work directly with children and adolescents to help them get through the crisis point and learn to make healthy choices in the future.
  • How to talk to parents who are contemplating or going through divorce or who have been through divorce in the past to help them help their kids.

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