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Link Learning Center is the premier provider of online education for licensed counseling professionals, therapists, and social workers of all disciplines.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum of Continuing Education Units that help you stay ahead of the curve.

More than a slideshow, most of our high-quality courses are digitally enhanced with audio and video clips and downloadable activities that can be integrated into individual, group, and family counseling sessions.

And it costs nothing to get started. Simply select a course, click on Free Trial, and begin taking the course. You will be prompted at some point in the course to pay only if you wish to continue and earn your CEUs.

On completion, you can download and print your certificate.

What others are saying:

I find the downloads to be useful in my practice.–AC, Red Bank, TX

As a visual learner, it met my needs and also provided a personal connection to the presenter. I'm a fan!–AH, Forsan TX

Honestly, I enjoyed it all! I love the presenter's calm, relaxed presentation style. I enjoyed the combination of short videos and slides. –AH, Forsan TX

My favorite part of the course was: the great examples.–CH, Burnet, TX

Great resource, I will use again in the future.–SJ, Carrollton, TX

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